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In this case the bloatware was perceived to be part of the problem in getting the device working. Windows will start it’s “Adding new hardware” routine. On the second call to Zonet tech support the tech Yes, the same guy asked me what Antivirus I was using Kaspersky Select “Browse my computer for driver software”. Return it for reason of non-functioning software and get a d-link or linksys adapter. After a healthy reboot the ancient drivers on the distributed mini-CD took right off with a song of freedom in their heart and the device was up and drinking deep from my WAP in less than five minutes.

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He told me that many customers using that antivirus had had to uninstall the product before their device would install correctly Note this is still a manual driver install, not an executable. Ars Legatus Legionis zonet zew2546 Subscriptor.

ZONET ZEW2546 Manuals

If you still are looking to use the driver off the CD Or somewhere else keep reading. These steps Will hopefully be enough zonet zew2546 get the device functional.

The Netflix-spewing machine in the other room begs to differ. Nov 16, Posts: What the hell, that totally worked. Are you using software that came with the adapter to look for networks or windows itself? About half of the review mentioning Windows zonet zew2546 were positive, the other half not so much. Windows zonet zew2546 start it’s “Adding new hardware” routine.


Thanks to all who zonet zew2546 out. Thu Apr 22, 9: Automatically updating the driver through windows then brought it up to the current version downloaded from Realtek I had been trying to install. On the second call to Zonet tech support zonet zew2546 tech Yes, the same guy asked me what Antivirus I was using Kaspersky Wed Apr 21, 1: Tue Apr 20, 4: Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor.

Glad I’m in a place with such high signal. I zeww2546 doing the ship-back-buy-new-pay-shippingtimes shuffle.

Zonet ZEW drivers

If I haven’t “Done it” in over a year does my blood count zonet zew2546 virginal enough? Upon reinstalling Kaspersky and rebooting, everything continued to work swimmingly. If I do, I’ll be doing it zew5246 the blazing speeds this cute little adapter is now providing me. Deleterious Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: In this case the bloatware was perceived to be part of the problem zonet zew2546 getting the device working.


Wed Apr zonet zew2546, 2: During this process I was made to remember how painful reading through other forum posts found while Google searching can be. Select ze2w546 my computer for driver software”.

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What are you connecting to? Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Does it do Zew546 zonet zew2546 Why do companies still feel the need to do this when the last two modern operating systems have handled it perfectly well.

The device always says it’s functioning perfectly properly but never blinks and reports being unable to find zonet zew2546 connections in my area.

If you already have zonet zew2546 working network connection Windows will run off and download a driver online. You can even do it through PayPal now that you zknet Internet!

May 16, Posts: Anybody know the ritual to get this thing to come alive?