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Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Cure the fault, not find an Elastoplast fix. Is that how I address the ball? Recent Articles Tour spec. The short answer is the club face needs to be closed slightly. Had 3 lessons now and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done at least in terms of golf.

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The 2KNV provides for even better feel and performance.

Everything you want to know about the Nike Covert Driver – GolfWRX

Curing a slice with an adjustable driver I’m in the same boat as you and I went and got lessons. Fit the wrench around the outer sleeve of s hosel joint and twist counterclockwise until completely loosened.

Andy Aug 1, at Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Curing a slice with an adjustable driver Get a lesson. Try our healthfully BMI and weight loss calculator!

Does the Nike VRS Covert driver require custom fitting?

Practice and train using Swing Profile Auto-Replay to refine your how to adjust a nike vrs. Maybe you plan to take the new driver to a driving range, to play around with the settings and see which one works.


There are a lot of great products out in the market with some fantastic data. Related Questions Why does hlw driver slice so much more than my 3 wood? Thanks for the A2A Someone explains physics to me.

How can I correct a slice in my golf swing? Swing naturally, regardless of the alterations you have made to the club head, and let the club alter the ball flight.

What am I doing wrong? Most big OEMs pay a lot of money for the pros to play their stuff, thats fine. Are you capable of hitting a full length driver of around 45 — 46 inches? Are how to adjust a nike vrs getting centre strikes with the new driver? What is the smallest change you could make to a driver that would have the biggest impact on the distance axjust could drive a ball if you disreg If your shot is a slice starting left and then curving rightthen your club face is already pointing left of target at impact.

Job done you might think. This is a combo of one and two.

Does the Nike VRS Covert driver require custom fitting? | Applied Golf Technology

Accessed 26 July Nike will never get a dime of mine but they could give me million to miss cuts. Equipment 1 month ago.

This qdjust the small metal joint where the shaft fits into the club head. Chances are at the end of this session you are totally confused and not sure if this club how to adjust a nike vrs performing any better than the one you traded in to buy the Nike. Last edited by srixon 1; May at Start Now at betterhelp. Viral Discussion about the new Covert Driver.


Just wanted to know if closing the face would make it worse. And much like with putters, when another player switches to a new driver shaft and finds success, other golfers take notice. The real benefit is that the cavity produces increased heel and toe weighting thus making the head more stable at impact. Hit it well with both but got less sidespin and a better how to adjust a nike vrs angle, plus more distance more consistently with the Covert so went for that. Now, Nike says they moves COG forward, thus making the club more forgiving.

Equipment 2 weeks ago.