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If a connection string and an ODBC data source both specify the same connection parameter, the value from the connection string is used and the value from the data source is ignored. Note Your computer may be running software that has an embedded SQL Anywhere server, in which case there could be multiple servers running without you realizing it. Popular Connection strings explained Rules for connection strings Store connection string in web. If NULL, the driver should return an error. In the Password field, type a password for the user. More info and provider downloads Set example values.

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Server port If you are xse a non-default port for connections to ASE, enter the port number. AseConnection, your connection string might look like this: Sets the string value types returned by the driver as Default, Ansi or Unicode.

The database server and the database starts and Interactive SQL connects to the database.

When the engine starts the database specified by DatabaseFile, the engine will use the supplied DatabaseSwitches as command line options to determine startup options for the database. Results The administration tool connects to the database.

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Sign up using Facebook. Note this referenced link is the “developer” edition, which may not be suitable for your requirements. Some other reports on problem using the above one, try the following as an alternative. Remember to start the connection string with “odbc: Password Used to supply a xse for login.

When using a Sybase.

The Sybase manual contains a List of DatabaseSwitch values. Nits 4 11 In advanced mode, you provide a connection string.

More info and wrapper class library downloads Set example values. The above connection string works for me. Note that you must create a Data Source. Use an ODBC driver from.

Connection String Options – SAP Sybase ASE ODBC Driver

The empty DSN parameter could be critical if experiencing error A simple a SQL statement regularly triggered a “Attempted to read or write protected memory” exception for me.

The database server is named SampleServer. Net4 object may have memory leak issues. To access this dialog box, on the File menu, select Connect to Sybase. Since the file is still at its heart a text file, connecton can then open the file in a text editor and it will provide the connection string for you.

Default local database engine. Regardless, a trick you might try if you are using Windows is:. See the respective ODBC driver’s connection strings options.


Connect to Sybase (SybaseToSQL)

The QuotedIdentifier option tells Adaptive Server to consider any character aae enclosed in double quotes as an identifier. Mode Select either standard or advanced connection mode. Database Used to set the name of the database ConnectionTimeout Used to specify the time strign seconds before an attempt to make a connection is considered unsuccessful. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Use the following connection string to force the AseConnection object to use the interface file. I had to add the charset part to get it to work outside of my development machine. To retrieve metadata, sbase all parameters according to MSDN can accept a null value.

Default – the driver defines the string types.